School Music Incursions Melbourne

Upwind! education program is driven by a passion to combine music performance and music education. Our Upwind! members Rachel Curkpatrick (oboe), Rosie Savage (horn) and Emma Morrison (bassoon) are enthusiastic to inspire a next generation of musicians and are motivated to build an interest in their particular instruments and ‘classical’ music from a grass roots level up.
While our Upwind! show is aimed to help spark an interest in music, the quality playing by Rachel, Rosie and Emma captures the imagination for current and aspiring musicians to the possibilities of these instruments making this a suitable show for senior music students as well young students. The wide variety of musical style and mood keeps the Upwind! show fresh from start to finish. Students have the opportunity to participate in the music making and to engage with the musicians to discover their own connection to music.
Upwind! can be particularly helpful for recruitment of oboe, horn and bassoon students aiding music departments to build a balanced band or orchestral program.
Each member of Upwind! is experienced in music education and performance delivering high quality chamber music in an interactive way. As well as many years of teaching in school instrumental programs, their collective experience in music education includes Musica Viva in Schools, Sydney Symphony Orchestra and Melbourne Symphony Orchestra education programs, Orchestra Victoria mOVe workshops and Melbourne Youth Orchestras. Between them, they have toured throughout Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong.

Enquire now for further information about our interactive performance or workshop that can be tailored for your needs.

If you are needing to build your wind and brass program you may consider a collaboration between our Upwind! musicians and renowned brass quintet Shrewd Brass. Please mention this when making your booking.

‘They are all fantastic performers and educators and their show is really clever and engaging, using a diverse range of repertoire.’
Emma Sullivan / Musician, Melbourne

‘Thank you Upwind! Your concert and workshop at GWSC inspired our Year 7 students. So much so we have 9 offers for oboe, 7 for horn and 9 for bassoon! The interest in these instruments is unprecedented - all thanks to your engaging performance.’

Amy Wert / Former Head of Music at Glen Waverley Secondary College