Shrewd Brass Quintet

Shrewd Brass take students through an in depth look at brass instruments while exploring their mechanics and distinctive tone and their particularly versatile nature. The music spans classical to pop, jazz and movie music and provides opportunities for students to interact with the musicians of Shrewd Brass.

The hour long show is highly engaging and entertaining – the members of Shrewd Brass are able to respond and build a rapport with their audience making this an ideal way to attract new students to your music program. The Shrewd Brass performance places an emphasis on engaging students to participate in music and to develop a curiosity for the instruments and different styles of music. The show includes a feature piece for each instrument in the group: trumpet, horn, trombone and tuba.

Extremely satisfied. The band had a real knowledge of how to interact with both students and staff in a Special Developmental setting.’

Mornington Special Development School

Shrewd Brass drew the attention of the students, and kept it for an hour! Even the preps! The fact that the music is created while we watch and listen beats recorded music hands down! It was pitched to the children who were amazed to hear music they know and love - eg.: When the Saints, Harry Potter and Star Wars theme - come to ‘life’ in front of them. Students who usually can’t sit still sat for an hour with jaws dropped and eyes agog! Make it twice as long?!’

Port Melbourne Primary School

Outstanding. The performers not only performed quality music, they also explained each instrument and its mechanics. Each performance was not only education but also very entertaining. Shrewd Brass was very talented and engaging. Students and staff were very impressed with their performance and I’ve had both come to me to thank me for organizing the incursion.’